Wednesday, June 2, 2010

10.13 Bob Cousy on vision

Bob Cousy in his heyday, now 81

There is a fascinating comment by Bob Cousy that appears in Boston Globe [6/2/2010]:

“Vision, I think, for a point guard, is the most important thing. I was constantly being told I had eyes behind my head. It would seem that way to people who didn’t know that much about basketball who couldn’t believe that I could see things I could see. It’s exceptional peripheral vision.

“People who have tunnel vision don’t usually become point guards. That happened with [Chauncey] Billups here before they traded him. I think it was the only thing [Rick] Pitino ever asked me. I didn’t think Billups would make a good point guard because he would penetrate and then run into people. Billups proved me and Pitino both wrong, but I still don’t see him as a great creator in the vein of Rondo.’’

Rondo is of course the 6-1, 175-pound Celtic point guard Rajon Rondo. And here we go again: Game 1 of NBA Championship - June 3, 2010.

Beat LA!!