Saturday, April 24, 2010

10.12 Watch it at your own risk

3D TV has finally arrived. In an apparent attempt to ward off potential lawsuits, Samsung has publicized the dangers of 3D TV watching:

Photosensitive Seizure Warning and Other

CNN has an analysis: "Can 3-D movies, television make you sick?". In part, it says

[Samsung] cautions that certain flashing images or lights could induce epileptic seizure or stroke, and that "motion sickness, perceptual aftereffects, disorientation, eye strain and decreased postural stability" may result.

In addition: As for long-term effects of watching 3-D television instead of regular television, no one knows for sure because it's too new. concerned about serious consequences for children who watch 3-D television for long periods of time -- 'a continuous abnormal stimulus may possibly have long-term effects that are yet to be studied'...

So 3D TV watching can be hazardous to your health. Does it really? More research, please.


Dann said...

I am so against this whole "3d revolution" that is sweeping the entertainment industry. If movies weren't expensive enough already this is just adding to it. Then not to mention that 3D isn't even a sure thing as not every eye type works well with 3D film images. I remember reading a while back about how certain eye types make 3D ineffective and honestly that just seems like a bad way for us to go.

EyeDoc said...

I agree. It is indeed not yet a physiologically correct way of viewing 3D. The manufacturers may have rushed into production too soon.

Anonymous said...

I remember well that the first 3D movie I saw around 50’s is titled something like "Wax Museum." The viewers have to wear stupid red and green paper glasses in order to experience the 3D effects. No more 3D movie followed up after that one. Do you remember the 3D photographs that using special 3D camera with 2 lenses to take them? Don’t worry the long term effects of 3D movies, I am sure that 3D movie is nothing but a fad and certainly would die out in no time as 3D photo did. ChoSan

EyeDoc said...

Yes ChoSan, I remember that movie, the red-green paper glasses, and the 3D cameras.

Strangely, a call for more research to the 3D industry has met with deafening silence. Maybe they do not want to invest in something short-term.

Danny said...

I agree. I'm not a really big fan of 3D, but I don't mind experiencing it. I once watched a 3D kids' movie and it doesn't actually make a big difference from 2D. Whenever I experience eye problems like itchiness, blurred vision and some redness, I just visit a couple of optometrists. Indianapolis, in areas near Franklin is where I have my regular check-ups and diagnosis. It doesn't really matter if you watch in 3D or 2D, does it? It's the story and entertainment.