Thursday, April 28, 2011

11.10 FAQ10 - Avastin vs Lucentis

News from Boston Globe today:

A much cheaper drug has proved just as good as a $2,000 monthly shot at treating a common eye disorder that can lead to blindness, a long-awaited study has found. It also shows that patients can be treated less often, sparing them a lot of pain and expense.

The results are expected to lead many doctors and patients to turn away from the pricier Lucentis and instead use $50 shots of Avastin for an age-related condition called wet macular degeneration.

Question: What kind of shots?

Answer: Avastin has long been used to treat macular degeneration. The new study finally verifies the efficacy of this generic version of Lucentis. And if you must know, this drug is delivered through injection into the vitreous. Pain? Just a little needle prick, really.

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