Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kang Young Woo, PhD (1944-2012)

Blinded by retinal detachment from a soccer accident while in high school, Dr Kang had overcome all odds and become the first ever blind Korean to have received a PhD degree in the US. This was at a time when the blind had little choice except to become a masseur or a fortunate teller. His lifetime work as the founder of the EREF International was to champion the cause of the visually disabled. Among other endeavors, he had organized low vision conferences held in Seoul and founded a school for the blind, called Angels' Heaven, also in Seoul.

He was only 68 when he passed leaving behind Mrs Kang who volunteered to read lessons to him when they were both still in high school, and two sons, one a corneal surgeon and the other a gov't lawyer.

Dr Kang's was a full life, much too short, however.

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