Wednesday, October 7, 2009

10.6 Reading glasses and bank robbery

Guess what, now reading glasses are an accessory for committing a crime:

News from BROCKTON, MA, USA - Police are looking for a man who robbed a bank Monday (Oct 5, 2009) morning in Brockton.

The suspect, who was wearing reading glasses and a Red Sox hat, passed a note to the Community Bank teller demanding money, police said. The man fled from the Main Street bank in an unknown direction after taking money.

Police say the suspect was wearing a beige pullover, blue jeans and work boots. Anyone with information about this person is asked to call Brockton police at 1-(508)-941-0234.

Let's see, a male Caucasian with a pair of half-eyes suggesting he is 42 years-old with 20/20 distant vision. The glasses are apparently OTC, purchased for US$15 from a local drug store, probably one of the CVS Pharmacies. Most likely, these glasses are made with +1.25 to +1.50D lenses to be used for reading comfortably at 16 inches, if we know the height of the counter top at the bank, this robber's body height can be quickly estimated. On the other hand, the Boston Red Sox cap is not helpful, almost everybody has one.

Forensic optics can be fun, huh?


BH said...

Very fun indeed! Perhaps you can become a detective someday!

Anonymous said...

He forgot his ski mask.

EyeDoc said...

This being early fall, ski mask would have been too obvious. This guy actually looks like Robert De Niro, maybe he did not wish to hide his good looks.

Adam Lee said...

he wanted to make sure he could see clearly what was happening

paul wynn said...

Its great what recession can do these days.. people are desperate to rob and people do not have the correct items to rob..

EyeDoc said...

Interesting point. It does look like this gentleman was acting opportunistically, hence somehow ill-equipped.

Anonymous said...

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