Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10.7 Gordon Brown's eyes

Have you ever noticed that Mr Brown's left eye is slightly recessed and is in a down and out position?

He has lost his vision in the left eye from retinal detachment - after being kicked in the head while playing rugby at age 16. Several attempts at repairing this eye had failed. When the right eye started to show the same symptoms and signs of RD two years later, the re-attachment was quite successful.

A routine annual eye exam on Oct 10 reveals that Mr Brown's right eye has two small retinal tears. For now, ophthalmologists at Moorfield Hospital where Mr Brown was seen have decided to continue observation rather than perform an operation. Presumably, 3-7% of Brits walk around unaware of retinal tears in their eyes. Mr Brown insists that his eye sight has not deteriorated; although he does read texts with large prints.

Quite a few take-home lessons here:

(1) contrary to common belief, low vision in fact does not affect a person's capabilities;
(2) the need for regular eye exams is clear - once every two years as a matter of principle, once every year when necessary;
(3) not all retinal tears must be patched;
(4) RD from head trauma is not uncommon - with long latency as well; and most important,
(5) retinal tears do not affect central vision - patients must instead pay attention to appearance of photopsia and floaters.


Anonymous said...

“Contrary to common belief, low vision in fact does not affect a person's capabilities”
As the matter of fact, a school of people does believe 20-20 eye sight is not necessary the best for them to enjoy their every day lives. They prefer to see the world with just enough sharpness. Hate to admit it but I am the one who have to tune down the sharpness setting on the new 55” LCD TV set.

EyeDoc said...

I miight venture a guess: these people have pinhole pupils which offset refractive error and/or contrast sensitivity.

Adam Lee said...

"contrary to common belief, low vision in fact does not affect a person's capabilities;"

That seems like a BS statement. Low vision keeps people from seeing as well...

EyeDoc said...

Yes, it is an impairment; however, it is the fortitude of the afflicted that counts. Some are actually high achievers, Galileo for example. And certainly Gordon Brown is another.

The Prince of Centraxis said...

In the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed buffoon is king.
see http://newilluminati.blog-city.com

EyeDoc said...

Dear Prince,

Your Centraxis site is mind-boggling. Keep it up.

cube said...

I worry more about his liberal tendencies than I do about his eyesight. Sort of in the spirit of, "None are more blind than those who refuse to see".